Beauty in Simplicity, watercolor with 6 Colors, 2019 is 101 pages of instructional watercolor principals and techniques with step by steps and 8 videos. Learn how to mix color, paint still lifes and landscapes with minimal supplies. Basic drawing skills are discussed as well as color theory. For beginners and more advanced students and for anyone who needs a refresher on the basics in easy to understand lessons. The PDF is $14.99. Click here to purchase. It is also available on iTunes by clicking here.

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. It is an updated version which is redesigned with new steps and a larger format.   Think Big paint small is available to order on Amazon. I  also have  copies which I can autograph for you! Shoot me an email at

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BIG ART, SMALL CANVAS is a soft cover oil book that shows you how to paint small paintings on a small budget! It features more than 12 step by step demonstrations that show you how to paint a variety of still lifes and landscapes. All of the paintings are done on canvases less than four inches, but the principals of painting are for all size canvases. Each of the DVDs are about 60 minutes and show how a small painting progresses from start to finish in real time. The oil DVD covers the lessons that were explained in the oil book while the watercolor DVD covers the same painting principals using watercolor techniques. BIG ART, SMALL CANVAS  and the DVDs are available by contacting me at or by clicking the PayPal links below.   The BIG ART book is $25.00 plus shipping. The DVDs are $35.00 plus shipping.

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Oil Painting Harmony  gives you all the guidance you need to demonstrate how complementary palettes will naturally enable you to create harmonious color in your oil paintings. The fundamentals of basic painting principals are clearly explained using color as the most important and exciting theme. Still life and landscapes are used to reveal these painting secrets. The magic of the palettes is explained in five chapters which include the supplies you will need, mastering complementary colors and discussing the techniques of drawing and oil painting. The book is enhanced with fifteen videos which enable readers to observe demonstrations of each of the lessons.

Click Here for the link to the oil book on iTunes.                  Click here to purchase PDF for oil book.  


 WATERCOLOR HARMONY gives you all the guidance you need to show you how the teachings of the Tao will naturally enable you to create beautiful color harmony in your watercolor paintings. The fundamentals of painting are clearly explained using color as the most important and exciting theme. Still life and landscapes are  used to reveal the secrets of painting found in this ancient Chinese philosophy. The magic of the palettes is explained in six chapters which include what supplies you will need, how to master complementary colors,  how colors work together as well as discussing drawing and watercolor painting techniques. There are twelve videos that serve as a visual guide throughout the book. The last chapter has five step-by-steps including the last video which details the process of painting from blank paper to the final brushstroke. The author generously shares indispensable tips and hints in this inspiring book.Here is the link for the watercolor book.                                                

 Click here for the link to the iTunes store.   Click here to purchase PDF for WATERCOLOR HARMONY.


Easy Painting Learn to Watercolor with Three Colors

EASY PAINTING is for the budding artist. Even if you have never tried any kind of painting, you will discover how to create harmonious and luminous watercolors as shown in this book. You only need three tubes of paint and a few other supplies to learn the techniques and  fundamental principals of painting. The eleven movies are the perfect tool to illustrate the lessons in the book. More advanced artists can use this book to challenge themselves and expand their creativity by using a limited palette. Here is the link on iTunes to read a sample or to purchase to read on your iPad or Mac computer. Click here to purchase PDF to read on any computer.

                                                                                          Non-Toxic Oil Painting

For all of us who want to paint healthy (while being conscious of the environment) and learn to paint with a limited palette, here’s the book for you! NON-TOXIC OIL PAINTING WITH THE PRIMARY PALETTE is available on iTunes and ready to order from me as a PDF! The book has movies and step by steps. It’s been enlightening and great fun to make this book.
If you are reading this on an iPad click here. The PDF can be read on any computer: click here to order.

PDFs can be read on any computer and the movies are viewable on YouTube.