The book and DVDs have arrived safe and sound! Thank you so much for sending these off and for putting all this information out there. It is so inspiring to see such gorgeous work done on so human and intimate a scale and still feel monumental, beautiful painting.  William, U.S.A.

All day I thought about what it is you are lovingly sharing with others… beyond color, beyond form and Space..something very Special! You truly inspired me. The class was composed with sweet energy from the students. Hope to catch up with them at one of your classes.I have a full week but I would like to start next week on your Tuesday andFriday schedule. Let me know what to bring for class .With gratefulness…PT🎨〰💛

Yes, I got the file and the youtube videos…thank you!  Honey Lea Gaydos recommended your book.  I am in an online art group with her and found we lived in the same area so got to meet her a couple of weeks ago.  She has a blog on her art site and is mentioning you, your book, and how it has helped her.  I am going to see her this weekend and wanted to read the book before then.  Here is a link to her blog:  Mastering the Mix-Creating Palettes Using Non-Traditional Pastels  Pat, U.S.A.

Thank you, I received the PDF and it’s excellent. I have read many watercolour books and this is so well thought out and comprehensive. I am quite excited about trying the complimentary palettes. I don’t have Windsor Newton, but the M Graham brand, since that’s what’s available here, but have arranged them all from warm to cool as close as I could to what you recommend with Windsor Newton. I used the M Graham colour charts to help me figure it out and sorted them in a divided plastic storage box. One box for each set of compliments,ie red- green, that way if I forget which of two yellows is cooler, I can just look in the box where each combination is sorted. This exercise has really helped me to understand how warm or cool the colours are, and how the compliments relate, so much better, and I had fun  ! Sandra, Spain

 Joyce’s work expresses a unique beauty and grace. I find- and feel- her art as ethereal/ of-the-spirit. And I believe its energy exhales something inexplicably “special” that I – in return- breathe in.” HH, U.S.A

What a good surprise! For some reason, even though I had searched, I didn’t know you had written a detailed painting book. It was just what I was looking for! The ebook is interesting because of the little movies. It reminds me of the Harry Potter pictures that talk.  You put a lot of work into that book. I appreciate it. The information is much needed for me and will shortcut my learning curve. Now I just have to paint something everyday!   Madeleine, U.S.A.

Thank you for your ebook and videos!  I was looking at the Int’l Artists Mag from Apr/May 2014 when I came across your article.  I have been studying color theory for some time and as soon as I say your work, I realized I had struck gold!  I have not liked most complementary palettes I have seen used, as I found the colours too harsh, but your delicate use of the neutrals and complements is breathtaking.  I recognized that this is the approach I have been searching for!  Your use of watercolor techniques is also a cut above what one usually sees today. Also, I find your teaching style helpful – to find someone who is good at both art and teaching is a gift. Keep up the good work!

Susan, U.S.A.

I am enjoying your book so much!  I moved into a very small space and have very little room and was struggling to figure out how to paint without spending a monthly fortune for a studio. One of my artist friends suggested, “just do small pieces” and then I found your book! What a joy it was to read through and see the beautiful paintings in small format. I can’t wait to gather my supplies and get started. Anne, USA

I’m loving the books and especially the step by step instructional videos. I really appreciate that you say what you are doing, what colors you use and why. After years of art school, I am finally starting to understand the use of color thanks to these videos! Rebecca, USA

Cannot believe the paint handling, level of abstraction, detail and visual balance you achieve in something so small. I’m also into the Tao, so to have a colour palette based on its teachings of harmony is more than of interest to me. Obviously I’ve been on your website & found that impressive as well. You are now a short cut on the computer. Ian, UK.

I have your book Big Art Small Canvas, which is one of my favorites.  I saw your article in a recent International Artist article.  I looked up your website and noticed you had written some other books, so I thought I would give one a try.  I think you write about painting in an easy to follow way.  the arrows showing exactly you are writing about are very helpful. Linda, CA

Color Harmony in Oil Paintings is one of the most beautiful books I’ve seen. I have never experienced what technology can do for the arts in the way I did in Ms. Washor’s iBook. Her paintings are stunning and the videos compliment perfectly what she teaches in her book. I am so excited that I will be able to show her IBook and videos to my students. Gloria Rabinowitz, NYC

I read a lot of books about aquarelle. All of them, both expensive and not so expensive gave me no clarity about how to work with paints, to choose paint for specific works. I thought the aquarelle technic is a secret knowlage and professionals don’t want to share it. Some time ago I found Joyce’s blog and saw her book advertisement. As I think that Joyce’s works are amazing of couse I wanted to know how to approach a little to these masterpieces. The book answers my basic questions and gave me a confidence that I’ll achieve good results. Reading the book and asking ‘how’ I’ve got the answer on the next page. I really sure that the author sincerely wants to share her knowlage and do it in understandable way. Between the lines I can read “You can and you’ll do. Don’t be afraid and try”, this is the one of main principles of teaching. So even I’ve already read the book I open it again and again, look, think and train of couse 🙂 Thank you, Joyce. Regards, Dariya

As a professional watercolour artist, I constantly read about the techniques of other artists whose work I admire, firm in the belief that you can always learn something new, and more importantly, be inspired by what other artists are creating. On discovering Joyce Washor’s iBook ‘Watercolor Harmony’ I was not disappointed. Her stunning watercolour paintings are enough to inspire any artist, from complete beginner, to advanced. This book covers everything you need to know to start painting, and makes full use of the brilliant iBook technology to be able to view video clips of Joyce painting and alter the selection of photographs. In particular, Joyce’s approach to complementary colour palettes is thorough and informative, and is worthy of review no matter how long you have been painting. I thoroughly recommend ‘Watercolor Harmony’ to all artists, and prepare to be inspired. I am sure I will be referring to it time and time again!” Jenny Oldknow

Among all the books I purchased in the last few years, this is the one that influenced me the most. The book has 2 parts. The first one explains every detail of the painting process from mixing the colors to putting highlights on an object. It is full of concise and clear instructions and every idea is illustrated with a painting and notes e.g: “the sky color is dragged into the mountain making the value lighter and helping it recede into the background”. It is as close to a live class as you can get. In the second part, the author demonstrates her 4 step process with almost 20 of her paintings. Before this book my paintings were too horrible to even gift them to my family! I started with the simple lemon painting in the book and 4 years later, I had the confidence to make a painting exhibit! Thank you Joyce! Lionel Legry

I just checked my gmail and found many videos from you shared so generously!  How can I thank you?  You are not only a fine artist, but a very lovely and dear person.  I know my work will improve with your instruction, and no words can convey my appreciation.  Just know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.       Namaste,Rena

I googled your name after reading your “Big art, Small canvas” book, which i’ve had for awhile. I recently started painting small scale and wanted to find more of your work online. Found your blog and your new watercolor book, which is absolutely fantastic. Love your uncomplicated instructions and cant wait to do all the exercises to improve my watercolor painting. Thank you for the videos too. It is much easier to understand a concept when watching an artist do it instead of reading about it 🙂 Emma

Big Art Small Canvas by Joyce Washor is a How to Paint Miniatures GEM!! I couldn’t put it down. Really. Washor’s personal, engaging writing style, the beautiful images in multiple stages, and the clear instructions were a JOY to read and to follow. I was so inspired to paint – her teaching technique made me feel she was at my elbow, guiding me every step of the way. Her tips for painting shadows on page 70 demystified the process completely. Bravo! Joyce Washor is to be applauded for her approach to teaching artists of all levels and abilities paint her easier and faster small oils. Alli Berman

I love your book and passed it on to a friend who had some limitations and thought she couldn’t paint if she didn’t paint  large paintings. The content on composition and  color is excellentI. I have to admit I miss having it in my bulging art library.Love the book…you”re such a generous teacher! Again i love your paintings and I’m sure there are many others who feel the same way You are clearly a master! All the best, Diane

I ve bougth your watercolor ibook today!! Its amazing and you are such a good teacher also than an artist. I am from Argentina Patagonia.  Noella

Mi name is Patricia and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, SouthAmérica. I was at my Art Class one month ago and I was browsing the books showed there for purchasing and there it was, like beckoning me. Beyond the title, the picture of the cover caught me. My classmates always tease me because of the size of my paintings (even though they are a bit bigger than yours!). I feel overwhelmed by your generosity because you don´t just show your work, you explain us the steps to try and paint these amazing pieces. Even those paintings without the “tutorials” have spot on tips about colours and mood and what to value from photographs. I saw on your site that the book has now a DVD, I am sorry the ones over here don´t, but I guess it´s an new edition (mine is 2006). I want to express to you my deeply admiration for you, you pursued your dream, beating the adversity and achieved your goal.  I love that you paint in watercolour and pastel too. Thank you so much for your book, for sharing your experience and knowledge with us along with your personal story. Regards, Patricia Bidondo

We live in Lake Jackson, Texas, 60 miles south of Houston on the Texas Gulf Coast. I just joined my local art league (Brazosport Art League) and took a 3 day painting workshop. A local artist, Betty Klasel was the instructor and she introduced me to your book. I bought the book and here I am, actually communicating with you…Wow! I still work full time, and don’t have as much time to paint as I would like, but I try to get in as much practice as I can. I have decided to start with the mini canvases and maybe even try to sell some in my local art league gallery in the future. You have inspired me to get started! I know I have a long way to go….but I’m taking that first step.  Cynthia Dvorak Grandjean

Thank you Joyce, You not only made my day with your comments, but my year.  I so admire your work.  As you can see from the attached photo, I have your book “Big Art small canvas” in my library.  Your book is tagged with a piece of green tape as one of my very favorites.  I can promise you that it doesn’t see a lot of dust. Last night I was up till 1:30 a.m. which is not uncommon.  I awoke this morning and turned to my husband laughing and saying, “this art thing is going to kill me as I just don’t get regular sleep”.   What can become a bit frustrating is being up till 1:30 a.m. and painting for 8 hours without completing a painting that I am extremely please with.My point is that your email came at the “right time” and confirms that I’m on the path that I’m meant to be on.   It also came at the right time because I read it while showing a very dear friend my blog.  Yesterday, she traveled from Edmonton along with her aunt from Scotland to see me. I hope that you are pleased each time you stop by to visit my blog.  I will always embrace any comments or critique that you so thoughtfully send. Tracy Szekely

I have recently purchased your Big Art Small Canvas book, Can you please let me know if you use Gloss or Matt varnish. I think the book is really well put together and very informative I read it over and over again in fact I cant put it down once I start reading it, I live in England and it is the first time I have tried small paintings so I am really enjoying myself. Kind Regards,  Tom Dicken.

I bought your book from Northlight  and it arrived yesterday. I couldn’t wait to read it and went through it in a sitting. Don’t worry – I’ll re-read it slowly (and no doubt frequently) but I just has to email you and tell you that I thought it a masterly exposition on the basics of painting – not just small pictures, not just oils – there are general principles that may bw universally employed to any medium and dimension.

I especially liked the three complementary palettes – I have always been a fan of limited palettes as a unifying principle of any painting; and I thought your peeled pear on p.48 totally inspired! A great way to examine the fall of light on a 3-dimensionally object. I have used pastels up to now, for practical reasons, but I shall be taking early retirement in June and was looking to a steep learning curve in oils; clearly small pictures are the solution to solving problems as fast as possible, and to loosening my style to  a more impressionistic, painterly approach. I have just one questions: as I read it, you paint with colours and mixes straight from the tube – no mediums, turps, turpenoid or linseed oils – just alla prima pure paint? Well done -super book.   Niall O’Neill

With pleasure I read your book think big, paint small. I think you gave so much information about painting, technics etc. , far more than I expected. I want to thank you for that. With love and greetings, respectfully, from Anne Marie Potmeer, Horzakstraat 6, 5347 KB Oss. Nederland.

I have devoured every word of your book may times over Christmas and have even started painting ‘tiny’. Like you I have been used to large canvases and all the challenges that come with that but I am hoping to add miniatures to my repertoire. Already I am aware of the need to really sort out the values, composition and colour more than when painting ‘big’.  Gary Hiscott.

I’m a beginning oil painter.  I took lessons off and on, then stopped painting for a year because I had to focus my attention elsewhere.  I’ve read several books–or portions of them–on oil painting; but I have to say, after having just finished reading your book, I can hardly wait to get to my paints!  Before I do that, however, I want to thank you for writing this book.  Your book “clicked” with me. Your explanations are understandable, and therefore, easier to remember. You did not simply write, “do it this way.” Thank you for giving me this motivation and desire to paint again. Kindest regards, Lisa Zycher Agoura Hills, CA

I purchased Big Art Small Canvas a few months  ago, and have studied it cover to cover (and the covers, too) several times, done all the exercises and  now I am hooked on miniatures. My friends and family now get miniatures for Christmas, Birthdays and any other occasion they can invent.   My miniatures sell well at shows, even when my big art does not move. Big Art Small Canvas is by far the best instructional publication I have ever used .  Thanak you, thank you, thank you. Mary Nelle Black Hartselle, AL

I just wanted to tell you how fabulous your book is! You covered so very much that is helpful to all artists along with your amazingly beautiful work. I’m still digesting it. Cathleen~ Bozeman, MT

Dear Ms. Washor, I cannot remember ever contacting an author about a book before, but there is a first time for everything.  I obtained a copy of your book Big Art, Small Canvas and I just have to tell you how much I am enjoying it.  I used to paint twenty years ago when I was in college, but after I married and had children, I had my hands full with daily life and put away my paints.  Recently I decided I would “relearn” to paint and I looked for instructional books.  I delightedly found your book. First of all, you are such a marvelous talent; I love your use of color!  Second, your book is one of the best I’ve read on technique.  Thank you for writing it; I am learning so much that I didn’t know.  I’ve taken years of art classes (high school, college, as an adult) and the way you explain how to use complementary colors was a totally new concept for me.  Finally, I want to tell you that you have inspired me to experiment with brush strokes.  I am having so much fun! Thank you for sharing your talent with us; I wish you great success. Joany Shepard Plymouth, Wisconsin

Joyce, you may have created a “monster”!!!!   I went out today to one of my painting sites up the canyon, but took a piece of scrap canvas which I had marked off into four 3X4 rectangles.  Let me tell you, I had FUN!!!!!  I am amazed at what can be done with just that small size!!!!   And, boy, it sure takes NO paint to do one of those!  Anyway, thank you, once more, for sharing your ideas in that book of yours…..and thanks for the inspiration you have given me….. I will definitely be doing LOTS more of those!!! Tomorrow my plan is go out and paint……….all 3 X 4 size canvases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   See what you’ve done?!!! Joyce, I hope your weekend is a delightful one………..   B i l l

Good Morning, Joyce………I awoke all inspired this morning. My intent is to tape a piece of canvas onto my 9 X 12 panel, and sketch out about four 3 X 4 rectangles, and go out to do some “Joyce Painting”!!!! It’s going to be fun.  I have a pochade box for the 9X12 panels, and I put some teeny brushes into it, so I can play with that small-size format.  I’m excited!!!!   You may have started a whole new life for me!!! I just started reading Betty Edward’s book on “Color”…….fun to read about how Aristotle — several thousand years ago — came up with a color theory…..and when Newton made the color “wheel” about 300 years ago, everyone criticized his ideas.  But that’s O.K., there are probably lots of people saying you cannot paint with only 3X4 canvas……….but just wait until 2208, and they’ll all be doing the  Joyce-size work!!! A number of years ago I was transferred from Southern Calif. to upstate New York— Rochester— and I bought a home in Fairport……beautiful scenic motifs all around me!  In those days I was doing photography, and had not started oil painting……now I’m sorry I didn’t have this great hobby to put onto canvas.  I was there only 15 months—two winters!!!—and yes, I remember the days I cherished when we had the sunny warmth! Joyce, have a good weekend……..paint up a storm!!!!!!! B i l l

Thanks Joyce! I happen to love your artwork especially those small works. They are lovely – both in oils and watercolors. I purchased, not too long ago, your book entitled: Big Art, Small Canvas.  And I came across an article about you in one of my art magazines, so I decided to look up your web site. I like the way your web site is laid out.  I am painting for an August art show and I was entertaining the idea of doing a “Small Works” theme. As a mom, and teacher I can devote more time to smaller pieces than larger ones. I happen to like the challenge and the fact that I can begin and finish a painting in a few hrs. I don’t have a lot of free time so this is where I am headed artistically. This would be my 4th art show in the same gallery.

I paint mainly in watercolors and pastels. Last year, I did quite a number of smaller paintings and sold them all, to my surprise.  I like the fact that smaller paintings are also more affordable and I want people to be able to afford my artwork. Many people in the city do not have large walls for big paintings and smaller pieces sell well where I live. I love your book and I am learning a lot. I particularly love your watercolors which I saw in the magazine article and on your web site. Thanks for the inspiration. You are a magnificent artist.

I have found your book ‘Big Arts small canvas’ in our local library and found it very inspiring. I have been battling away with large canvas work and found it very frustrating, so thanks for your great book. It did not occur to me to try such small paintings and I have completed one which I am happy with and about to try another two. I use acrylic with both brush and pallete knife. Framing is an expensive untertaking here so I have to wait until I see big frames with small picture area on sale at markets and local shops. Your frames are stunning as are your paintings. Kind regards Deanna Smith Taupo North Island New Zealand

Hello Joyce Thanks for your absolutely, fantastic book.  It is just packed with information. A demonstrator at the Fallbrook Art Assoc in CA was telling us about your book and she gave one out as a door prize too. Warm regards, Arlyne

Joyce, You are a love.  I first saw your book at an independent bookstore, Village Books, here in Bellingham, WA and was so impressed with your style.  I later bought it at Barnes and Noble.  As I live by the ocean, I thought your red/green palette would be perfect for the local seascape.  I am so intrigued with the number of colors possible, yet with the instrinsic harmony of it all.  Exactly what I am looking for – Thanks for the tip on the pale green! Hugs, Colleen

Hello Joyce and thanks so much for your expert advice. I spent many years in France and Italy studing drawing and oil painting. I taught mostly adults : Live model drawing at Laval University and painting adult education. I still teach yoga for the city of Quebec. Your complimentry color palette is outstanding.At last something that makes sense regarding color mixing. I am writing a review of your book,,a poem would be better.. Best regards   Charles

Hi Joyce: I just recieved your book and well …it is a masterpiece along with every painting. What do you think of water mixable oils ?  Best regards from a big fan….charles fleury   Quebec City

Dear Joyce Washor, I recently started painting again after years (30). I found your book  “BIG ART/ small canvas”.It is really helping me to relearn  as well as teaching me new things. It is a great teaching aid…well written and clear. Thanks for your book. Sincerely  Jeni Kay

I just bought your book.  Can’t begin to tell you what a HUGE help it’s been!  Very well written; it’s not easy to find an excellent artist AND teacher combined. I’m thrilled!!  Really! THANK YOU!! Phyllis Sullivan

Buying your book on small paintings several years ago plus corresponding with you and your critiquing some of my work, started my painting again. I am now selling some of my work and about too be in a local show.  Thank you,  Priscilla Eichler

Big Art Small Canvas was an inspiration to me — I took my paints on a nine-day cruise and painted five!, Five paintings as you can see here in my little on board studio! I still have final work to do on them but I must say I am really really happy with what I learned from all of Joyce Washor’s Easy to follow directions and techniques and the outcome, well, you can see it here!
Thank you so much  Alli

Hi Joyce.  I received your DVD yesterday.  My daughter and I watched it and were fascinated by your process.  Hopefully, we can apply some of what we’ve seen.   I’ll be happy if I can create something half as charming as yours! 🙂  Thank you so much.  Sandra